Upgrade Our NBN

To the Minister for Communications and CEO of NBNCo

Upgrade our NBN

After seven years, the Government has suddenly realised fibre to the premises is a faster, more reliable and more economical technology than copper. This is a start.

We note that an announcement that nearby Castle Hill will be one of the first to receive a FTTN fibre upgrade.

We call on the Government and NBNCo to prioritise the electorate of Macquarie for the fibre overbuild, including the Hawkesbury townships of North Richmond, Grose Wold, Grose Vale, Kurrajong Hills, Kurmond, McGraths Hill, Freemans Reach, Wilberforce and Pitt Town, and the Blue Mountains villages and towns of Lawson, Bullaburra, Wentworth Falls, Leura, Katoomba, Medlow Bath, Blackheath and Mount Victoria.

Our ability to run businesses, work or study from home, and use 21st Century technology has been severely impacted by an underperforming NBN.

In addition, we urge the Government to commit to a plan to upgrade to fibre the wireless and satellite NBN in our region.

We want the world-class connection that would have been delivered under the original Labor plan. At the moment, all we have is a $57 billion bill and out of date technology.

Macquarie deserves better.


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