Mt Wilson and Mt Irvine's 150th Anniversary

November 26, 2018

When a lyrebird interrupts your journey, you know you must be in Mount Wilson, at the top of the Blue Mountains, in the beautiful electorate of Macquarie. On the weekend, the
Mount Wilson and Mount Irvine communities gathered at the glorious Dennarque property to mark the 150th
anniversary of the surveying of Mount Wilson. Surveyor Edward S Wyndham found the easier route to Mount
Wilson via the Darling Causeway and the ridge along which you still travel to get to this basalt-rich hamlet. His
survey was completed in 1868, creating 62 portions from seven to 45 acres in size. Two years later, when they
were auctioned, there was little or no interest, but of course it now boasts some of the most wonderful homes
and gardens in the region. Congratulations to all those involved in marking this anniversary, and thanks to Bill
Moss for hosting the celebrations.

Another high point of the Blue Mountains last week, at a physical highpoint, we marked the 150th anniversary of
Mount Victoria Public School, the oldest school in the Blue Mountains. It opened in 1868 to educate the children
of workers building the railway and also those of local farmers, beginning in a small stone cottage which today
houses Possum's Patch preschool. Still a small school of 69 pupils, Mount Victoria celebrated big with songs
and music at a special assembly and a fair under the guidance of Principal Gerard Elms. The students sang their
totem song in the Dharruk language, and the four year 6 students acted as MCs. It was a lovely event for a very
special school.