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July 31, 2020

Federal Member for Macquarie, Susan Templeman, has helped Hawkesbury Combined Probus Club volunteers keep connected with the purchase of new computers via a Commonwealth grant.


Immediate Past President of the 12-year-old club, Jim Berrell, put together a successful application for funding to purchase the two laptop computers under the 2019/20 Volunteer Grants scheme.


“The Club’s management committee was made aware that neither the incoming secretary nor newsletter editor had access to personal computers capable of being used for Club business,” Ms Templeman said.


“This active club has 200 members, and the social activities they organise provide an important social connectivity for members. So the Club executive really need appropriate equipment to be able to communicate with members and coordinate its many weekly and special events.


“I was so pleased to be able to recommend the club’s application for $2000 for approval, to make the committee’s job that little bit easier.”


Ms Templeman met with current President Julie-Anne Coates, Secretary Maureen Black, Newsletter Editor Kris Veldon, and Mr Berrell, at Richmond Club on July 30, where they described how Probus helped local seniors stay active in retirement and connect with like-minded residents of the Hawkesbury area.


“The club does absolutely fantastic work offering members everything from ten pin bowling and tennis, through to snooker and bridge,” Ms Templeman said.


“They also organise day trips in addition to bigger events like cruises and overseas holidays.


“I was particularly fascinated to hear about the ‘Last Carriage Club’, which sees members meet on the second Thursday of the month in the last carriage of a train. One member organises the entire day out, however no-one knows where they are heading until an itinerary is handed out on board.


“While COVID has put some of these fun activities on hold for the time being, it was great to see members are still keeping in touch regularly. It’s so important right now for everyone who might be feeling isolated, especially our seniors.


“I congratulate Hawkesbury Combined Probus Club on what they are doing for so many residents of our region, and these Volunteer Grants are designed to support groups just like theirs.”


Hawkesbury Combined Probus Club is one of five in total in the Hawkesbury area, members stated.


“The vision of Probus is to promote the growth, development and support for the Probus community as the most recognised and accessible organisation for retirees, fostering the true spirit of friendship, fellowship and fun,” a statement from the club said.


“With the assistance and support of Susan Templeman, the Hawkesbury Combined Probus Club was successful in its grant application to assist in the purchase of two new laptop computers; one for use by the new secretary and the other for the newsletter editor.


“Both management positions provide a vital service for the efficient running of the club for the benefit of the members.”


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