Community eNewsletter - 15 August 2020

15 August 2020

Stay alert, stay COVID Safe As the COVID crisis again deepens in NSW and Victoria, we all need to remember to take every precaution to stay safe. Everyone will have noticed the increase in mask use. To encourage people to try them on public transport, I’ve been handing out free disposable face masks at some train stations. I’ve also worked with Woolworths supermarkets to support their efforts in asking customers to put on masks when they...

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Community eNewsletter - 26 July 2020

26 July 2020

JobKeeper and JobSeeker will be cut from the end of September, and tougher eligibility criteria will apply. There is more information on this in the newsletter below.  Over the past few weeks, I've met with different sectors of the Hawkesbury and Blue Mountains - from travel agents to child care teachers. Each time, I've listened to their experiences during COVID-19 and fed all of their information back to our Shadow Ministers. It's clear t...

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Community eNewsletter - 6 June 2020

06 June 2020

With Jobkeeper due to end in September - only a couple a months away - small business owners and employees in the Hawkesbury and Blue Mountains are understandably nervous about what the future holds. It’s concerning that two Hawkesbury postcodes – 2756 and 2758 – are in the country’s top 10 per cent of suburbs reliant on JobKeeper. When the pandemic began, the Prime Minister told us we were all in this in together. His message now is “in...

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Community eNewsletter - 11 September 2020

11 September 2020

Australia is now in its deepest recession since the Great Depression. More than 1 million Australians are unemployed for the first time ever, and an additional 400,000 are expected to be jobless by Christmas. These are the facts, but what really matters is the difference it makes to people - for some it has little effect, but for others the impact is profound.  Labor has consistently worked alongside the government to bring in assistance li...

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Community eNewsletter - March 2021

16 April 2021

I know how eager many people are to receive their COVID vaccine. But while the rollout through GPs is about to begin, it’s already clear that people will have to be patient.   A very small number of GPs will be delivering the vaccination from next week, and more will come online later. They have a relatively limited number of doses to start with.    Along with the supply issues, there are also some refrigeration equipment issues that need...

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