31 July 2023

No matter what community event I attend in the Hawkesbury, I know that the volunteers of the St John Ambulance Hawkesbury City Division will be there. They've been there for 75 years, and they mark their anniversary this August. Whether it's a veterans memorial day, carols in the park, showjumping or the Hawkesbury Show, the St John volunteers will be quietly there, ready if their training is needed. Their skills range from those of first aiders, first responders and advanced responders to those of healthcare professionals, and those skills have been mobilised in our recent disasters.

When I talk to the volunteers—and they are definitely a friendly bunch who like a chat—and I ask them why they spend their free time or even their retirement years volunteering, they tell me that they love being part of the community and that they like helping and knowing that there are times when their care can really make a difference to somebody.

Now, I might be biased, as patron of the Hawkesbury City Division of St John's, but I think they are some of the unsung heroes of our community. At the next community event, I'd encourage people to head over to that bunch in the dark green uniform to say hi and thank them for their unwavering service to our community.

I wish Superintendent Paul Barber, Officer in Charge, and the entire Hawkesbury City Division a wonderful
75th anniversary celebration.