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February 15, 2019

Waterways in the Hawkesbury Nepean Catchment will be eligible to share in $200 million to help restore urban rivers and tributaries to their natural beauty, if Labor wins the next election.

Member for Macquarie, Susan Templeman, said Labor would engage with community groups, local environmental organisations, state and local government to bring urban waterways and habitat corridors back to health.

“The Hawkesbury is known for its beautiful, sweeping waterways, but urban activities have taken their toll,” Ms Templeman said.

“Our waterways play a huge part in the everyday life of people who live in the Hawkesbury – whether you’re crossing them daily in your car, on a ferry, swim or kayak on them, rely on them for your livelihood or simply appreciate their natural beauty and cultural heritage.

“This $200 million investment by Labor will allow local groups to apply for small grants to help ensure our precious rivers and waterways are treated properly and kept healthy for those who use them now, and for generations to come.

“We are blessed with stunning rivers and waterways that rightly deserve to be preserved so they can be enjoyed by everyone.

“Our $200 million Urban Rivers Project will unlock grant funding for projects to clean up our waterways including:

  • Building wetlands to capture, clean and filter stormwater;
  • Revegetation and tree planting along corridors;
  • Science and education programs including ‘bush kinder’;
  • Bird boxes and waste capture;
  • Employment of indigenous rangers; and
  • Turning urban waterways back into creeks and rivers, again through changing hard surfaces back to natural surfaces.

“One of the great things about Labor’s policy, is we’re recognising and understanding that local organisations are often the most passionate and effective organisations in combating environmental degradation and promoting sustainability.

“I will be reaching out to our local groups who have an interest in the health of our waterways, including our local businesses, the fishing and tourism industry, environmental groups and of course local, state and federal government agencies.

“I’ll be encouraging them to have a say in what is needed to ensure our waterways are protected and used sustainably.”

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