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July 23, 2018

The NBN rollout from Lapstone to Hazelbrook has been delayed even further, with some residents now having to wait until March of next year to be connected.

Member for Macquarie, Susan Templeman said the latest delays came just three weeks after NBNco announced expected connection dates would be delayed from July to between August and December.

“Now we’re being told connections won’t be available for homes between Faulconbridge and Lapstone until October at the earliest, with Linden and Hazelbrook now being pushed back to as late as March next year,” She said.

“Given that we were told a different story only a few weeks ago, we need to ask the question, are there even more delays to come?

“And if so, how did they get the planning so wrong?

“While I want to see the rollout done properly the first time, these constant changes make it very hard for residents and businesses to plan.

“It also ups the anxiety for people who are already nervous about making the transition to NBN.

“Fibre to the Curb (FTTC) is a relatively new technology and feedback from areas where it’s already operational is promising,” she said.  “But these constant delays are getting beyond a joke.

“It is incredibly frustrating that the delays continue,” she said. “There will certainly be an expectation now that the connections, when they finally take place, happen smoothly.”

Ms Templeman said the rollout nationally was nearly four years behind the promised schedule, with a cost blowout of $20 billion.

“We have slipped from 30th to 51st in international broadband rankings and there has been a 204 per cent increase in complaints to the Telecommunications Ombudsman about NBN faults in 2017.

“It’s no wonder people are disillusioned,” she said.