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July 09, 2020

Students at Winmalee High School have new seats encouraging inclusion and wellbeing thanks to a grant put forward for approval by Federal Member for Macquarie, Susan Templeman.


The school received $10,000 under the Local Schools Community Fund to install wheelchair-friendly seating as well as shading in an outdoor area to help improve student wellbeing.


“The school has a very active and growing wellbeing support learning hub, including four students who use wheelchairs,” Ms Templeman said.


“The new seating allows students to sit with their friends around a table at lunchtime and to do activities, without feeling excluded.


“It will also create a welcoming area to support students with anxiety and learning disabilities, who benefit from sitting in a quiet outside space when they are feeling distressed.


“Of course, all students benefit from new facilities but this project really focused on those with physical disability, learning difficulties and anxiety issues.


“I was so pleased to be able to put this project forward for funding. Without it, the school community would not have been able to look at it until late this year or even next year.


“It’s wonderful to have been able to fast-track such a worthy project for a much-needed resource.”


Relieving Principal at Winmalee High School, Voula Facas, said students were very much enjoying the new amenities.


“The Local Schools Community Funding has allowed Winmalee High School to create more wheelchair friendly areas around the school,” Ms Facas said.


“The new all access seating purchased has enhanced the outdoor learning area in the school’s Learning Hub, creating easy and appropriate access for wheelchairs.


“In the playground, the new seating gives students increased access for students to different locations around the school.


“The specialised all access seating improves social interactions for all students using the outdoor furniture.


“Our students enjoy the design of the new furniture as it makes everyone using the tables and chairs feel included and part of the group.”