Aged Care Legislation Amendment Second Reading Speech

March 05, 2020

There is nothing more important than older people having the security that they can be looked after in their later years. I see huge amounts of anxiety amongst them when they look ahead and wonder: 'Will I be able to afford the care that I need? Will my partner—my husband or my wife—afford the care that they need?' Children are concerned about it. I'm certainly in that category of people who have older parents. I have a mother turning 80 shortly and a father turning 90. It's certainly something that we as a family talk about. I can see how they respond when they see some of the stories coming out of the royal commission—the stories of neglect, of people not having sufficient food, and of the quality of that food. When I visit aged-care facilities, those conversations do take place with me. (Quorum formed) I'm very pleased to be able to speak on this and to support everything that the member for Grayndler and the member for Lalor said earlier.