Constituency Statements: Western Sydney Airport

October 08, 2020

The Morrison government's purchase of land near Western Sydney airport for 10 times its value doesn't bode well for confidence that we can have in how this government spends money, taxpayers' money, on this or any other project. A scathing report into the government's $30 million purchase of the Leppington Triangle, which is a 12-hectare parcel of land that may be used to build a second runway for the airport, shows that it was really only worth $3 million. This is a breath-taking waste of taxpayers' money, and the government's clearly not happy with the agency that uncovered the scandal. In the budget, the Auditor-General has had $5 million cut from his budget over the next three years, which means fewer audits of government programs will be completed. He'd actually asked for additional funding, but this is clearly payback from a government which simply doesn't like scrutiny. Heaven help us as the buckets of unallocated funds in the budget get distributed throughout the country. The Morrison government has made sure there are fewer resources and therefore less chance of identifying the waste or uncovering the next sports rorts scandal.