25 June 2024

King's Birthday Honours

It's always a privilege to celebrate the achievements of my community, in parliament, and I want to say a special congratulations to all those who recently received a King's honour award. In Macquarie, six residents were honoured at the King's Birthday for their dedicated service to our community with the Medal of the Order of Australia.

In Mount Wilson, Mary Holt received her OAM for dedication and service to conservation and the environment. Mrs Holt's involvement in the Australian Conservation Foundation dates back to 1985, and she continues to support the work of conservation organisations across the country.

William Palmer was awarded an OAM for his outstanding service to the Hawkesbury, serving as an equipment officer, fundraiser and deputy captain of the Mountain Lagoon rural fire brigade. And I know his brigade were very proud of him.

Morna Colbran received an OAM for her work with Winmalee Neighbourhood Centre. Morna's selfless dedication to our community has supported countless residents in their time of need, and not only in Winmalee. She's had an important role in supporting communities after the 2019-20 bushfires along Bells Line of Road, and in the flood recovery in the Hawkesbury in recent years. This honour goes a small way to recognising her impact.

Laura Greaves from Faulconbridge received an OAM in recognition of her service to animal welfare. Ms Greaves is a self-described, proud, 'crazy dog lady'—they are her words—and a passionate advocate for animal-assisted therapy and its positive impact on the lives of children in foster care.

From Springwood, Cheryl and Norm Kitto received their OAMs for their service to the people of the Blue Mountains and broader Western Sydney. I've known Norm and Cheryl's tireless work through Rotary, but both have been giving back since the 1970s, with Cheryl's recognition encompassing her service to people with disabilities, including her voluntary work with DARE disability services. Congratulations, Norm and Cheryl.

In the meritorious awards category, Fiona Stalgis, the captain of the Winmalee rural fire brigade, was awarded an Australian Fire Service Medal, in recognition of her very distinguished service. Dr Malcolm Haddon received a Public Service Medal for outstanding public service in the promotion of multiculturalism, social cohesion and community harmony. His work at Multicultural NSW looks at the social impact of extremism and how to tackle it in an holistic way. Our community is a safer and more cohesive place, thanks to him.

On behalf of everyone in Macquarie, thank you for your extraordinary contribution to our community.