Western Sydney Airport and Flight Paths

March 03, 2020


We continue to see the construction of an airport in Western Sydney. It's going to be the size of Heathrow but we don't yet know what the flight paths will be. It's no secret that I'm not a fan of this airport. My view is that the flights will fundamentally change the quality of life that we chose when we moved to the Blue Mountains and to the mountainside of the Hawkesbury. The Forum on Western Sydney Airport is the sole consulting body for this airport, as far as residents go, and the representation we have as a Blue Mountains community is disappointing. I have repeatedly asked to be appointed. While the member for Lindsay is a member, I'm under no illusion that she has any intention of representing her neighbours in Macquarie. I'm very disappointed to hear that the chair of FOWSA, Professor Peter Shergold, has resigned. I think his desire to see strong community engagement is genuine, despite the constraints under which the forum operates.

What is a disgrace is that we don't have any information about the flight paths. The government says that this is quite normal and cites examples of both Brisbane and Perth airports having new runway projects at the moment, following a similar process. But these are not new airports; these are extensions to existing airports. It is absolutely unacceptable to my community that we do not have any engagement on this issue. We also have concerns that an engineer from my electorate, Don Carter, has raised. They show that the noise levels predicted for the lower Blue Mountains are fundamentally wrong. He has looked at the noise levels measured by Airservices and done his own measurements, and compared that to what was in the EIS and found that neither his nor the Airservices noise measurements correlate in any way. This government needs to be honest about the noise that Western Sydney will face.