Windsor Bridge and Thompsons Square

October 23, 2019

The concerns continue for Thompson Square and Windsor Bridge as the replacement project rolls out. I've already called for a better incorporation of some of the salvaged bricks and stones into the new park area, and that the New South Wales government keep the old, heritage listed bridge, which provides a fantastic tourism opportunity to link the two sides of the river. But we've just learnt that more terrible decision-making is happening around this project. I'm outraged to hear that the RMS has just admitted it needs to take an extra 300 metres off Thompson Square because the intersection at George Street will otherwise fail to meet traffic needs. It was obvious from the start of this project that you couldn't merge two lanes into one lane at an intersection just in front of a bridge. It was always a bad plan, but the RMS denied that. But you have to ask: was this their plan all along? Is this why they had a $137 million contingency fund in this project's budget? If it was, why was none of this disclosed to the Hawkesbury community?

The lack of transparency on this project by the New South Wales government has been shameful from the start. The community has fought to save this historic square from this appalling modern concrete monolith going through. Now we know that even less of the oldest public square in Australia will be available for the community. It's an outrage and it should not be happening. We should have had a bypass there from the start.