Windsor Heritage Forum

October 18, 2018

Windsor Heritage Forum 

Thompson Square is the oldest square in the country and is being dug up and destroyed to make way for a replacement Windsor Bridge. Around a hundred Hawkesbury residents gathered to discuss what changes need to happen to protect and preserve the ever-declining heritage we have in New South Wales. I've put on the record many times my dismay and horror at the willingness of the New South Wales government to override its own heritage advice and the findings of an upper house inquiry and the request of every heritage group, including the National Trust, and its willingness to ignore the request of the former federal environment minister to reconsider the project on heritage grounds. I want to thank shadow New South Wales heritage minister, Penny Sharpe, and shadow minister for local government, Peter Primrose, and Labor's Hawkesbury candidate, Pete Reynolds, for taking part in this important forum.

Mr Hill (Bruce): I just want to commend the member for Macquarie for getting all that into Hansard at such a pace!

The DEPUTY SPEAKER: She did very well. I was going to give her extra time because there are no more speakers.